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You could lose 15-30 pounds in the next 8 weeks with my refined carb cycling approach, but only if you’re ready to put in the work. This program combines science-backed nutrition and real-time support from me, Chris Powell, to deliver life-changing results for those who take action.

KEPT with Chris Powell™

The power to transform is within you—hidden in the promises that you make and keep to yourself. Start where you are, choose a promise you know you can keep, and take the first step in the direction of your new life.

Move One Million

Join thousands around the globe moving together towards a happier & healthier life!

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Tips on Your Promises

Making and keeping your promises is the first step toward your transformation journey.

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Over the last 2 decades, I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people transform their lives. From my worldwide TV show Extreme Weight Loss, and New York Times Best Selling books, to the creation of my company Transform, I am relentlessly driven to bring wellness to the world.

For 20 years, I have seen firsthand the heartbreaking struggles and pain so many deal with regarding their weight-related issues. And if you are struggling right now, I am so, so sorry. My mission is to eradicate obesity-related suffering from humanity so you and generations to come never feel this pain again.

 Here is one thing I know for certain: You have the power to transform. If you don’t believe it yet, that’s okay. Let me believe in you for now. Just bring an open mind and genuine desire for change, and I’ll provide the guidance, the tools, and a reliable plan you can trust. Soon, you’ll believe in yourself again. We’re in this together!


Unlock the Power of Promises

KEPT with Chris Powell

KEPT shifts the main focus of transformation from external solutions like diet and exercise, to the true inner path that has never been harnessed before: The power of keeping your promises.

KEPT is 10-apps-in-1. It delivers ten essential promise modules of mental, physical, social and emotional health in one easy-to-use platform. The concept is simple:

1. Activate the promises you are ready to commit to.

2. Let KEPT track your ability to keep those promises every day.

3. Each KEPT promise leads to a healthier body, calmer mind, greater connection with others, and a stronger sense of confidence and esteem.


Over the next 7 days, you are going to get full access to The KEPT with Chris Powell App completely free. 
Let this be the jumpstart you need to completely transform your life with me as your guide.


Transformation Made Delicious

Why is the diet part of transformation so challenging?

Hunger   |  Low energy   |  Boring foods

Nutrition is 80% of transformation success. At Transform, our passion is creating the highest quality nutrition supplements to help you achieve your transformation goals. From our delicious and protein-packed meal replacement shakes to our energy-sustaining Boost Shot and much more, we’ve got you and your nutrition needs covered from start to finish and beyond.


Speaking Engagements

My passion is helping others transform their lives, and I have dedicated my life to sharing my knowledge and experiences with everyone from individuals to audiences numbering in the tens of thousands. If you feel I can be of service to your organization, let’s connect.



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Move One Million


I am on a mission to move one million people every day.
Over 80 million Americans, alone, are living sedentary lifestyles. Weight-related suffering is at an all-time high. Stress, loneliness, anxiety, and depression are skyrocketing.
Movement, however, is life. It makes us stronger and healthier, both mentally and physically, and it can powerfully connect us and change the course toward our inevitable future. We need it now, more than ever.
My passion and purpose is to inspire one million people, including YOU, your family, friends, and loved ones to move every day towards a happier and healthier life—no matter your physical capabilities, and the only things you need are your body and less than 3 minutes. I believe in you, and I will show up for you every single week day. All I ask is that you show up for yourself. Join me, and let’s Move One Million every day!

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