Whether you’re ready to make and keep that first promise or if you’re already working on your promise-keeping ladder, here are 10 tips to help you nail your promises, build your integrity, and achieve your goals.

10 Tips for Making and Keeping Promises

Tip #1. Make each promise super simple.

Again, any promise needs to be so simple you can keep it on your very worst days. Here’s the thing: Your promise doesn’t even have to be related to your goal. I’ve had some clients make a promise to brush their teeth every morning or make their bed, and while you might be thinking, “What?”, this promise is powerful. It’s a promise they KNOW they can keep every single time. No matter what. And when they keep that promise first thing every morning, they’re starting the day with a solid win. And a single, simple win can lead to more wins throughout the day.

Tip #2. Create a goal-centered promise.

Figure out what it’s going to take to achieve your goal, then dial all those steps back to the smallest action you need to take—consistently—to keep you on the pathway to achieving that goal. Again, it needs to be something you will do 100% of the time no matter what. This action is now your goal-centered promise.

Tip #3. Calendar your promises.

Just like you’d put an important appointment in your calendar, put your promises in your calendar. Even though you think there’s no way you’ll forget to keep that promise. You might be in a solid routine, then life happens—because it will, and you can quickly get thrown out of your routine, potentially leading to broken promises if you’re not super vigilant.

Top #4. Stop the comparison game.

Here’s the deal: You can only compare things that are 100% the same, and since that’s not possible, true comparison is impossible. So don’t fall into the trap of comparing your promises against anyone else’s. Your promise is your promise, and it’s the one that will work for you and no one else. And here’s the exciting part: You get to decide what you’ll promise to yourself, and you get to decide what “counts.” You are in control!

Tip #5. Stop the insanity.

Albert Einstein said it best: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” No matter your goal, if you keep trying to accomplish it in ways that haven’t worked before, you’re pretty much doomed to failure. Constantly evaluate how your promises are going, and if something’s not working, make some changes.

Tip #6. Celebrate!

It can be so easy to dwell on what you might be doing wrong, totally forgetting all the things you’re doing right. Since promises are so simple, you might find yourself doing more than what you’ve committed to do, which is amazing. But if you “only” keep that promise, you’ve won, so relish in that victory.

Tip #7. Find an accountability partner.

Everything is so much more fun with a friend, right? The same is true when you’re working to keep your promises. Find someone who will be your biggest cheerleader while not being afraid to kindly call you out when necessary, and check-in with them often. Studies have shown that frequent check-ins can increase your chance of success by 40%! Don’t forget to return the favor for them too.

Tip #8. Plan for roadblocks.

You’re going to hit some roadblocks, even when you’re trying your hardest to keep your promises. That’s life. It happens to me, and it will happen to you. Be sure to put some plans in place that will help you keep your promises even when you hit those roadblocks, and you’ll be better equipped to continue keeping your promises no matter what.

Tip #9. Heal your broken promises ASAP.

No journey is perfect, and you will break your promises sometimes–whether it is in your control or not. What do you do when this happens? You heal that broken promise ASAP by reassessing the situation and the commitment, then recommitting immediately. If you ever find yourself consistently struggling to keep your promises, it’s time to dial things back to your foundational promise and start from there. What can happen if you don’t heal that broken promise ASAP? That one broken promise can lead to other broken promises and a backslide in your progress. Ultimately , it will seriously damage the personal integrity, dignity and confidence you’ve been working so hard to build.

Remember: When you break a promise, you haven’t failed, you’re just learning what doesn’t work. Be grateful for this new knowledge and keep going!

Tip #10. Only take on one new promise at a time.

This is THE most important tip I’m sharing. I’ve seen it over and over again: When someone has a goal that’s super important to them, they try and do too many things at once. For a transformation goal, for example, they try and…

  • Work out 1 hour a day every day. I’ve known some people who have committed to 2 hours a day!
  • Hit their macros every single day.
  • Drink a gallon of water every day.
  • Get 9 hours of sleep every night.
  • And so on…

While all of these promises are a part of achieving a transformation goal, together, it’s just too much. They’re not doable day after day, time after time. The person who takes this route might be successful for a week, or even a few weeks, but then “real” life happens, and they simply cannot do it all. And they quit. They throw their hands up in the air and they’re D.O.N.E. done. Because if you can’t be perfect, why try, right?

No! The path of transformation through integrity may take a little more time, but the results are lasting. Only when you can keep a promise 100% of the time for several weeks are you then ready to take on another one. Again, keep that new promise super simple, and give yourself the grace you need to cut back on your promises if you start to be inconsistent.

Promises, those small actions you take consistently, are the key to achieving anything in your life. With the 10 tips I’ve shared, you’re now well equipped to make and keep the promises you make to yourself. You’re well equipped to achieve your goals and become the person you want to become. I promise 😉