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 How many times have you crushed a workout or had a good laugh, cry, or meaningful conversation with a friend and said: I NEEDED THAT.

You’re not alone, which is why I’m so excited to share with you the I NEEDED THAT podcast.

Hosted by me and my good friend, Mathew Blades (Award-Winning Radio Host & Motivational Speaker), I NEEDED THAT is a podcast with two mindful fathers engaging in lively and entertaining conversation aiming to make audiences lean in, laugh, and learn. This podcast is a perfect and—prior to now—rare opportunity to open up, connect, and laugh with all of you on a deeper level.

Join us as we share our struggles and learn with our listeners as we all trek the journey to a happier and healthier life with special guests in every realm to help guide the way.

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Send in a recording of your question and have a chance to hear it answered live on the I NEEDED THAT podcast!


For 27 years, Mathew Blades entertained audiences in the broadcast industry. As an award-winning Iheart radio host, he cares deeply about people and nurturing the success of those around him. Last year, when he decided to leave his successful show to work on his mental health it caught the attention of Howard Stern. Saying, “Maybe I should take a play from his playbook.” Through Mathew Blades emotional training, ideation and personal experience, the Learn From People Who Lived It show and community were born. This global digital outreach engages audiences on a real, grounded, and inspirational level. Mathew also serves as a mental wellness motivational speaker who encourages audiences everywhere to find a self care strategy and lean into being a Transitional character.

Chris Powell is widely known as the transformation specialist and host of ABC’s hit series, “Extreme Weight Loss.” Beyond the show, Chris has become a leading authority on achieving optimal health and lifelong transformation, with the goal of eradicating health-related suffering from humanity. He is a two-time NY Times Bestselling author and appears regularly on nationally syndicated television shows including “Good Morning America,” “The Dr. Oz Show” and “The Doctors.” He has been featured on the cover of several publications to date and has written numerous articles for publications such as Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, SHAPE, and Women’s Health.


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