Chris Powell Transformation Specialist

Your Mind Muscle

Just like we need to move our bodies to keep them strong, we also need to exercise our minds. By controlling your thoughts you are strengthening your mind just like a muscle.

Just like the shaper and shredder exercises we have for our bodies, there are shaper and shredder exercise for our minds as well.

Shaping your thoughts to fit the transformation journey you are on is just as important as shaping your body with exercise. One way to practice shaping your thoughts is to think about your food cravings.

When you feel a craving coming on, ask yourself a few thought provoking questions. It’s also helpful to write down and record your answers. Am I hungry or am I eating for some other reason? Is there a more healthy alternative to my craving? What can I do for the next five minutes to distract myself from this craving?

By shaping your thoughts and taking control of the inner voice, you will eventually see that eating becomes a choice rather than a thoughtless habit. You build this habit the way you build a muscle, with daily practice.

Now that you’ve learned a new technique for shaping your thoughts, lets take a quick peek at shredding your thoughts. These are the negative thoughts we’ve been telling ourselves for years. Everyone has their own unique inner voice that tells them they are not good enough, they cannot succeed, and tries to get you to just give up. It’s time to shred that inner voice.

Every time you feel one of those self defeating thoughts or feelings start to build, toss it in your mental shredder. Beat that though up. Squash it. Run it out of town. Those thoughts are not welcome anymore. Replace them with positive affirmations and thoughts of love and hope for your transformation.

Soon, you’ll start to see these positive changes in thought will help change your eating and exercising behavior.