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Stax Weight Loss and Nutrition System

One of the greatest challenges to losing weight is managing your food and meal plans. While we may all have good intentions, if unprepared, we can often find ourselves away from home with no other options than to eat out or looking into the fridge wondering what to eat that only takes a couple minutes to prepare.

Stax Weight Loss and Nutrition System

The STAX System

The STAX Weight Loss and Nutrition System was designed to transform the way you eat. It empowers you in your weight loss journey to always be prepared to meet your nutritional needs regardless of where you are at, avoiding the need to eat whatever may be on hand and possibly not healthy or part of your food plan.

STAX is a system of self sealing, color coded plastic containers designed to help you portion your proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates for ideal carb cycling, along with an ice pack, handy timer, and even small portable cups for your favorite dressings and flavorings all in one handy travel case to take with you anywhere.

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Stax System Containers