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ShareTV: Exclusive Interview: Chris & Heidi Powell of ‘Extreme Weight Loss’

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The 4th season premiere of Extreme Weight Loss (formerly known as Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition) aired on ABC last night! And yesterday we got to talk to Transformation Specialists, Chris and Heidi Powell, all about the show, fitness tips and even daily indulgences! Read the Exclusive Interview below and get to know the Powell Pack (aka The 6 Pack- how cute, right!?!) and their amazing and positive take on life. Plus, Find out what’s coming next for the energetic duo and juicy details from season 4!


ShareTV: First off, your show is premiering tonight!
Heidi: I know, we are so excited!
Chris: Yes! Tonight we’re we have a nonprofit foundation we started, it’s called The Best Foundation. We’re actually having a viewing party with a couple hundred people that are all coming together and that are going through the transformation journey themselves. We are all going to get together tonight and watch it with a few hundred of us!
ShareTV: That’s exciting! So I’ll dive right in and ask a couple of question about you both and the show. I’m really curious and I’m sure a lot of our fans are too: what’s the most exciting part of helping a new client transform their life?
Heidi: The most exciting part for me is that we really do gain our best friends through this (selfishly speaking), we go through so much with them. We help them with so much throughout the year, and they in turn help us with quite a bit. We really are living life with these people. It’s not like we are just there to train them. We’re in each other’s lives and a big part. To be able to experience so much with such wonderful people and help them through these amazing victories is so incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, and gosh we find our best friends and I guess our extended family through this process.
Chris: Over the journey of their transformation, there’s typically a moment when they get it. They see it from that different perspective, and all of the sudden the light bulb goes on. It’s so awesome gaining lifelong friends, because what we do is so personal too. But, for me I love experiencing that moment with those people. And that’s where the magic really starts to happen and that’s what’s so cool.


ShareTV: I love that! Is there anything that stands out as difficult to get clients to do before they reach that point? Is there anything they initially they resist in any way?
Heidi: Chris might have a different response, that’s why we love working together because we have such different perspectives and we are able to touch different people in different ways. One of the biggest things that they almost always resist at the beginning is anything that it scares them. We’re all plagued with fears of some kind, but for a lot of them it’s something as simple as exercise. Just the thought of working out and reaching a certain limit is terrifying, because they really do feel like they’re going to die; they’ve never experienced it. Helping them through physical breakthroughs is incredible. One of the girls, I believe her episode will be on July 1st., Melissa. Her biggest fear was dealing with the death of her husband. During that year we helped her face that, and it proved to be the biggest thing in her transformation. Once she was able to unload and face that fear the pounds dropped off. She realized there was nothing to be scared of FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real, it’s that we are scared of something that hasn’t happened that isn’t going to happen we’re just scared to face certain parts of life, and so helping people through that is amazing it’s by far and away the thing that I feel stops people the most.
Chris: I’m with you 100% on that one.
ShareTV: So for the contestants on the show, fear may be the hardest part, but have any of them expressed their favorite part?
Chris: Oh yea, good question. For most, they like us they really do cherish the friendship that we develop. That’s one thing we hear over and over, is how much they appreciate us really bringing them into our family. I mean last years on Christmas four or five of them spent Christmas with us, we person living with us right now (literally one room away from us right now!). It’s bringing them into our family and opening up and letting them see that we’re all human and all in this together. I believe they really appreciate that and that’s what we appreciate about them as well.
Heidi: And to add on to that, because Chris is right. The reason it becomes their favorite part is because it’s so unexpected. We always hear, ‘We thought it’d be like boot camp, just exercising and dealing with the physical aspect of it, but that’s the smallest thing we got out of it.’ They say, ‘We gained friends and conquered all these incredible things in our life. How we changed inside is the most unexpected, but the best part of the journey, and the friendships we’ve gained.’
ShareTV: I think that’s what sets you apart from other transformation series. Because it seems like you have incredible fans on your Facebook pages and everything.
Chris: Our fans are so amazing; some of them are really in touch with the psychological and emotional aspect of the journey and it’s really cool because they get it. They understand what we’re doing and they’re so supportive. It’s such a wonderful journey for all of us.

chris-powell bare chest

ShareTV: Once you finish your goal, it’s hard to keep yourself on task. What do you tell your clients after the show is finished, and how do that maintain that lifestyle when you’re still friends but not working with them on a daily basis?
Heidi: We tell them to continue training for something. Truly set a goal, because if you don’t have a physical fitness goal, chances are you’re probably not going to put in the work and the time, especially when Chris and I aren’t there pushing you. You don’t have the weekly weigh-ins that you have to send to the production team every week showing how much you’re losing anymore. So always have a goal whether it’s a Cross fit competition, Triathlon, marathon, or whatever it is, do something you’ve always wanted to accomplish and continually train for it.
Chris: It’s really cool because we are just wrapping up our season 4 finales. Our season 4 people are going through the transition to maintain right now. It’s really neat because they’ve all joined together on this Facebook accountability page and they are all logging on. They’ve all signed up for 5ks, Spartan races and tough mutters and they are signing up because it’s that thing to keep them going. And actually there’s an on going bet between all of them- if anyone gains back they have to put in $100 per pound they gain back. So everyone who didn’t gain back will split the pot, there are 17 individuals and they’re all in, it’s really cool. So there’s all these neat accountability ways, number one: training for an event, number two: betting. Gamble on it, it’s not really a gamble though because you’re in control of it.
ShareTV: That’s really cool! I’ve never heard of anything like that, I’m going to try that myself… so you guys seem like you’ve been in fitness forever! How did you know this was a passion of yours, and when did it turn into extreme weight loss and transformation specialists?
Chris: I started hearing weight loss transformation back in 2003. And that was the first time I really started working with morbidly obese and super obese individuals, and it was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. That was really what kind of opened the doors to everything. A few of the individuals I worked with, some of the weight losses were so significant that they went viral- people were posting before and after pictures and everything kind of took off. It was 5 ½ years ago, we were contacted by a production company that was interested in what we were doing out here. So my wife and I drove out to L.A. and sat down with a creative team and developed a show. A couple months later we got a call and they said ABC just bought your show. So, that’s kind of how everything took off. It’s something that we’ve been doing that we’re passionate about for over a decade now. We did it before the show and we’ll be doing it after the show. This is our calling; it’s what we do.
ShareTV: So I’m sure you can’t be good 100% of the time, are there any desserts you just can’t resist or any cheat days that you let yourself have?
Chris: Yes, yes and yes. Of course.
Heidi: I should clarify because it’s not something we can’t resist, because we could if we wanted to. But chances are if it’s something we’re going to resist and deprive ourselves of, all we’re going to think about, all we’re going to want is those foods or those things we can’t have, that’s just the nature of living. We do build it into our plan. Believe it or not I reward myself every single day with a Starbucks morning bun, there’s like 390 calories in that one bun, but by allowing myself that indulgence everyday I can eat totally 100% clean the rest of the time. Whereas for some of our people they do better with a reward day, so by building rewards into our programs, we’re much more likely to maintain it for life. Chris and I call it the 80/20 rule: 80% of the time you’re spot on clean and 20% you enjoy- and it works!


ShareTV: Are your kids on board, are they interested too?
Heidi: For the most part they don’t know the difference. I was a personal trainer right out of high school and grew up in a fit family. Maddox our oldest is 9, so he only knows his mom into health and nutrition. Marly, Cash and Ruby don’t know any different. So, the same goes with them, we don’t deprive them. You give them a cookie they might finish half of it and be done. But if you deprive, they’ll binge on it.
ShreTV: Yea, I had done the South beach diet at some point (you can’t have fruit for two weeks) and was so upset that I couldn’t have fruit!
Chris: That sounds exactly like Cash. Our whole bottom of the refrigerator is stocked with every berry you can imagine. He loves berries and wants to eat them all day long!
Heidi: Cash is a fruit king, we have to limit him! He’ll eat an entire carton of strawberries, like a big one if we let him.
Chris: We were at a celebratory event the other day. There were tarts with berries on top. They were stacked on a plate and we saw him just eating the berries off the top, and I was like ‘That’s cool, that’s my boy.’
ShareTV: That’s pretty cool! A couple more questions, because I’m sure you have to go, you have a big day with the premiere tonight! I know a lot of people can’t have a personal trainer with them at all times, so what do you think about workout videos like P90X, Hip Hop Abs, Insanity and Zumba Fitness? Do they work for people?
Chris: We love it, absolutely. We’re huge fans of any vehicle for fitness that people can actually do. You know what’s really cool are these walking groups, cross fit, yoga. Any opportunity to get people off the couch and moving, great. DVDs, some of these online programs now are amazing: you can stream videos and follow along and work out with groups.


ShareTV: Do you have anything else coming in the future that you can share?
Heidi: No more babies, 4 is enough haha! There is a lot of stuff in the works and happening! What I will say is that there is some stuff in collaboration with the show, tools and resources for everybody out there. It will be available within a month or two.
Chris: Basically the transformations that people see on TV, they will be able to experience it at home.
Heidi & Chris: But that’s all we’re going to say for now!
Watch clips from Extreme Weight Loss on ShareTV here. Plus, connect with Chris on Twitter and Facebook and Heidi on Twitter andFacebook.

Extreme Weight Loss

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Chris Powell doing a squat at a Reebok event

What does it take to lose 40 percent of your body weight? “Extreme Weight Loss” answered that question on Tuesday’s premiere episode: Intense determination, a zest for Zumba dance and transformation specialist Chris Powell, whose knowledge of carb-cycling diets and weight loss workouts helped one woman achieve her goal.

The episode proved that by believing in herself – and knowing that Chris believed that she could do it – 310-pound Charita successfully completed her year-long journey of transformation and lost 150 pounds. Author of “Chris Powell’s Choose More, Lose More for Life,” Chris is known for his use of carb cycling diets to accelerate weight loss in his clients.

Charita began with an attitude of desperation. She wanted to dance again, but her weight and her depression were barriers to happiness and health. She asked Chris for help.

In a new twist to the show, the boot camp segment involves a longer residential element before participants work out on their own. However, Chris still checks in with them and sets phased weight loss goals. His unique approach to dieting is detailed in his book “Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution.”

With a new career as a Zumba instructor, Charita also gets encouragement from celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito, author of “The Pound a Day Diet: Lose Up to 5 Pounds in 5 Days by Eating the Foods You Love.” The food plan in the book uses a different version of carb cycling by providing more food on weekends.

Although Charita experiences periods of fatigue and frustration, she continues to triumph. At the end, standing on the scale for her final weigh-in, Charita expresses joy in both her physical and emotional health.

In contrast, the episode also featured, for the first time, a participant who withdrew from the opportunity. Ty wanted to be a professional baseball player. But he also wanted to be left alone.

At 480 pounds, Ty knew that he needed help. But he seemed mired in depression and despair. Chris and his wife Heidi Powell, who worked closely with both participants, could not persuade him to let go of his fear of change and stay with the program.

Chris talked with WetPaint Entertainment on Tuesday about his views on obesity and diet fads. Although he feels the nation is more educated overall about nutrition, Chris expressed concern about the Standard American Diet (SAD) of processed and fast foods.

“I see, by and large, America is addicted to processed foods,” Chris said. What will it take to reverse the increase in obesity? “The psychological and emotional components need to be addressed in order for people to change.”

Ty illustrated Chris’ belief that conquering obesity requires mental changes as well as physical. “I think that if you can’t take care of your head and your heart, your body’s not going to follow,” Chris noted.

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8 P.M. (ABC) EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS In this Season 4 opener, Chris and Heidi Powell, trainers and coaches specializing in the “superobese” — people who exceed their ideal weight by approximately 225 percent or more than 200 pounds — help Charita (310 pounds) and Ty (480 pounds) get fit. Ty, who plays baseball, works out with Josh Hamilton of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim; Charita begins a new career as a Zumba instructor and schmoozes with the R&B group TGT and the chef Rocco DiSpirito.

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Trying to lose weight? Craving pizza? Go ahead and have some, but don’t call it “cheating” on your diet.

Chris and Heidi Powell, the husband-and-wife trainers from ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss,” returning Tuesday, May 27, prefer “reward” and “reset.”

The Powells advocate “carb cycling”: two days a week of low-carbohydrate meals — except breakfast — and high-carb the other five, with one “reset day, where guys eat 1,000 extra calories, and girls eat 750 extra calories” to kick-start the metabolism, Heidi tells Zap2it. “And its a food of their choice, because it’s important that we don’t let them feel deprived, because what happens when you feel deprived?

“If someone says, ‘You can never, ever, ever have a brownie for the rest of your life,’ and brownies are the thing that you love, then all you’re going to want is a brownie, right?” she continues. “And the second you eat that brownie, you’re going to feel like a failure, you’re not going to tell anyone, you’re going to hold that secret in, and you’re going to fall off the wagon.”

A thousand extra calories sounds like a lot to anyone who’s ever tried to drop a few pounds on a 1,200-calorie-a-day diet — but the folks featured on “Extreme Weight Loss” start their yearlong transformations with a target of 2,250 calories a day for men, 1,750 for women. For those who have been living on 5,000 calories a day or more, any reduction gets results.

“It really is like playing poker with the body,” Chris says. “You don’t want to show your whole hand at once. You’re not going to take someone who’s 500 pounds, feed them 1,600, 1,700 calories a day, and have them working out for three hours a day because over time their body will adapt to that (and stop losing). … We want to make sure the game of poker lasts 365 days.”

What did you have for dinner last night?

Chris: “I made eggs for me and Heidi and [our daughter] Marley. It was a total of six eggs but three yolks — I did take out three of the yolks just for the fat. … I put a little bit of cheddar cheese in the eggs, I diced up some low-sodium turkey breast, chopped up some little green onions, put a dash of black pepper in there … and some tomatoes.”

What is your favorite recipe?

Heidi: “The one thing that Chris makes that is a hit around the family, the neighborhood … is the peanut butter power fudge bar. … It has protein powder, steel-cut oats … some honey … and all-natural peanut butter. It is the most incredible treat for kids … that makes sure they’re getting the protein that they need, healthy fat. … Because they’re so dense, they’re incredibly filling.”

What do you not like to cook?

Heidi: “I hate baking bread and stuff, because it just takes too long.”

Chris: “If we can’t prepare it in about 10 to 15 minutes, we don’t make it.”

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In the new season of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, personal trainer Chris Powell promises a series of firsts in the series — among them a person deciding to quit the show, as well as bringing in doctors to assist desperate weight-loss seekers. In this sneak peek preview, viewers are also introduced to an aspiring baseball player trying to shed pounds so he has a chance at making it in the pros.

“All the major league teams, they know who he is — but nobody will take him because he can’t even run the bases,” Chris says about 19-year-old Ty — a 6-foot-4 slugger with a wicked swing, but remains about 300 pounds overweight.

VIDEO: Extreme Weight Loss Brings On Doctor For New Season

“I broke the high school consecutive home run record — I swung this bat and hit 10 consecutive HRs in front of more scouts and more players than I’ve ever seen in my life. But after I stopped swinging, everyone disappeared,” Ty said.

When Chris and the Extreme Makeover team step in to help, Ty is thrilled — until he has to strip down and get on the scale to get the actual weight number — 480 pounds. “I didn’t know, I really did not know I weighed that much — it was embarrassing,” Ty said.

Watch the video for more and you can catch the launch of the new season of Extreme Weight Losstonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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Reality show relocates to “fittest state” to focus on outsize statistic.


HIGHLANDS RANCH — When Jeff Macht heard about local auditions for “Extreme Weight Loss,” ABC’s 13-episode reality TV show that puts seriously overweight participants through a year that changes their approach to diet and exercise, he decided to give it a shot.

“I’d gotten to the point of thinking about bypass surgery, so I went to the audition in Northfield,” said Macht, director of education for the Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain.

“They interviewed all us applicants as a group. Then I got called back to come for an on-camera interview. So I went there, did that, and got up to leave. And they said, ‘Here’s the next thing you have to do.’ ”

Suddenly, Macht was one of the finalists for season 4, which premieres May 27. The first episode features the story of Charita Jean Smith, a Colorado Springs mother of three boys who began at 310 pounds.

When the casting crew learned that Macht’s teenage daughter, Juliana, also struggled with a weight problem, it sealed the deal: The two of them would be season 4 participants.

“Colorado is always the fittest state in those Centers for Disease Control obesity statistics, but it’s also one of the top states in increasing childhood obesity,” said Chris Powell,a California-based personal trainer. With his wife, Heidi, he oversees the participants on “Extreme Weight Loss.”

“It’s interesting to see the polar opposites in Colorado. The adults are healthy, but the kids are not. We talk about that on the show, with Juliana, and I’m hoping that it will make the final cut. The more statistics we can get out there, that’s what drives change.”

Unlike “The Biggest Loser,” “Extreme Weight Loss” is not a competition. Each episode follows the story of an obese person (and sometimes a family member) determined to lose weight. The drama lies in whether that person can rise to the challenge. Not all participants succeed.

For the first time, “Extreme Weight Loss” is shifting its home base from California to Colorado. The Powells and the show producers wanted a location where weather and scenery made outdoor workouts look appealing, or at least handsome on-camera.

The University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center fit the bill, Chris Powell said. “It’s one of the top research facilities in the world, in terms of obesity and behavioral science,” he said.

“It seemed like a wonderful fit. And our backyard is the mountains, a perfect playground for fitness. So many things to do! The stairs at Red Rocks!”

Yeah, about the stairs. Chris and Heidi Powell found out about them from Jeff Macht, who regretted it almost the moment he opened his mouth.

“Yeah, I told ‘em about the stairs at Red Rocks, and that became a ‘fight or flight’ challenge for me on the show,” he said.

“And then it was a regular part of our workout.”

That workout included a three-month jump-start program that used the Anschutz facility as its indoor base, and the Colorado foothills and mountains as the site of outdoor challenges.


“We did so many hikes,” Charita Jean Smith said.

“We hated them at the beginning. It was boot camp. We were sequestered. No vehicles. No freedom. In a typical day, we exercised at least four hours a day. There were early mornings, and no early evenings. There were shredder workouts, circuits where we’d do push-ups, sit-ups, weights, lunges, planks, jumping jacks, jumping rope, running, cycling and yoga. And I personally was not a big fan of yoga.”

No spoilers here; you’ll have to watch the show to see how Smith and the Machts did in their respective battles. But it’s safe to allow Smith to say this:

“Before the show, I was the type of person who didn’t want people to know how heavy I really was,” she said.

“So I tried to run up the stairs like I was in better shape than I was. I’m not embarrassed to take the stairs now. And now, if I want to take an escalator, I will, but now I don’t want to. Now I want to take the stairs.”

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Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

Trainer Chris Powell is about to begin a new season helping a new group of obese people lose weight. Here’s how he broke the news to one participant that she’s going to be on the show.

Fun facts about Chris Powell: (Source: Wikipedia)

1) He is an American personal trainer, reality show personality, talk show host, and author. Powell is best known for his appearances on the ABC television series Extreme Weight Loss, formerly known as Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.

2) Powell is the host and a personal trainer on Extreme Weight Loss, a U.S. reality television series. He has been on the show since 2011. Powell has also appeared in Extreme Weight Loss DVDs and is the author of two books: Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution and Chris Powell’s Choose More Lose More for Life. He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, 20/20, The View, and in a one-hour documentary that aired on TLC.

3) In 2008 Powell helped David Smith lose 400 pounds and together they co-founded the web-based weight-loss program Powell also contributes to Good Morning Arizona, Good Morning America, and has a series of webisodes called “Meet the Powell Pack.”

‘Extreme Weight Loss’ Tuesdays at 8:00pm on ABC.

Twitter: @RealChrisPowell



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The new cycle of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss is right around the corner and ET’s got a sneak peek of the emotionally charged upcoming fourth season.

In this teaser clip we learn that this time around, Extreme Weight Loss personal trainer Chris Powell and his wife Heidi enlist the help of Dr. Holly Wyatt, a medical doctor and nutrition specialist. The series follows 13 dangerously obese men and women who train with Chris and Heidi in an attempt to shed massive amounts of weight over the course of a year with the goal of leading healthier, happier lives.

VIDEO: Extreme Weight Loss Brings On Doctor For New Season

“We choose you for the transformation of your life — this is the turning around point, say it again,” Chris tells one of the contestants. “This is your life, this is your year — choose to change now,” Heidi belts to another.

Chris makes clear to the weight-loss seekers that not only is the process difficult, but that they sometimes must push themselves literally to the physical brink. “I want you to take yourself to the point where you think you’re going to pass out. I want you to scare yourself. Because this is the feeling of you getting stronger. You’ll know what you just did here today. And we’ll do it again tomorrow and we’ll do it again the day after that… for the next 365 days – until nothing stops you.”

Watch the video to also see Chris’ response when one of the contestants asks him to accompany her to her homecoming dance. You can catch the new season of Extreme Weight Loss beginning Tuesday May 27 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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The hit series “Extreme Weight Loss,” a unique, non-competitive show about weight-loss that documents the unprecedented 365-day transformation of courageous, “super-obese” participants, will premiere on TUESDAY, MAY 27 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET/PT) on the ABC Television Network. Chris and Heidi Powell return as transformation specialists and trainers. The series is produced by Eyeworks USA.

In the Season 4 premiere, “Ty and Charita” (Oklahoma City, OK; Colorado Springs, CO) reveal two very different – but equally compelling – stories of struggle. However, for the first time in the series’ history, only one will succeed at shedding hundreds of pounds, while the other is the first ever to quit Chris’ program!

Charita is a 32-year-old hairstylist who stands 5’6″ and weighs 310 lbs. Raised in a strict, religious family, she turned to food to cope with a bad decision she made at 19. She works two jobs, struggling to support her husband and three sons.

19-year-old Ty is a 6’4″, 480-pound baseball phenom who’s struggled with his weight since he was 10. Then already over 300 pounds, Ty was nearly twice as big as everyone else on his baseball team. Baseball agents and coaches have informed him that the only thing standing between him and a professional contract is his weight.

Coached by Chris and Heidi, Ty and Charita’s transformations will be filled with both turbulent moments and amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Ty will get a chance to work out with Major League Baseball All-Star Josh Hamilton (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim), who is one of his heroes. Charita will start a new career as a Zumba instructor, and get the chance to spend time with her favorite R&B group T.G.T. (Tyrese, Ginuwine & Tank). She also gets to meet with celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito to help show her “How To Lose A Pound A Day.”

Everything changes when Chris and Heidi uncover surprising information about one of the two participants. Ultimately, one of them will quit, unable to handle the pressure. Who will make it to the final weigh-in, and who will go home? Tune in for an unforgettable episode of “Extreme Weight Loss” to find out!

New in Season 4, in addition to working with Chris and Heidi, each participant will spend the first 90 days of his or her weight loss journey at the renowned University of Colorado’s Anschutz Health and Wellness Center (AHWC) in Aurora, CO.

Chris and Heidi, along with AHWC’s medical director Holly Wyatt, MD, associate professor of medicine at the University of Colorado, will guide participants on their journeys to safely lose up to half their body weight, ultimately revealing an amazing metamorphosis. The Anschutz Health and Wellness Center offers some of the country’s most advanced research and science-based expertise, focusing on a comprehensive weight loss and weight loss management approach, including fitness, nutrition and wellness services.

“Extreme Weight Loss” is produced by Eyeworks USA.  JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson, Matt Assmus and Brant Pinvidic are the executive producers.
For more information on “Extreme Weight Loss,” visit

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