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“Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” host and Valley trainer Chris Powell has a new challenge for you.

Powell is partnering with ASU’s Sun Devil Fitness Complex to launch a program called “Commit to be Fit.”

The program reportedly combines personal training, cooking classes, nutrition help and more.

Powell is expected to make an official announcement Friday, September 6 at 3 p.m.

You can watch the announcement live on ASU’s website.



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On Extreme Weight Loss (ABC) this Tuesday, the episode will follow the efforts of an obese policeman from Wisconsin, Bob, as he attempts to lose weight and qualify for skin removal surgery. Bob faces major knee problems that might stand in the way of his exercise routine, and of meeting his year-long final weight loss goal.

Bob’s knee and weight issues might even end up costing him his job as a police detective, unless transformational coach and co-host of the show (along with his wife, Heidi), Chris Powell, can help him lose his excess weight without further damage to Bob’s knees.

At his initial weigh-in, Bob tips the scales at almost 450 pounds. The state of Wisconsin has implemented the requirement that all police detectives must pass a physical fitness test called “Fit for Duty” and Bob is worried that he might not be able to pass the test.

Desperate to lose weight and pass the test so he won’t lose his job, Bob turns to Chris Powell for help, hoping that Powell will accept him as a participant in the Extreme Weight Loss series.

Chris agrees to take Bob on, but a problem arises during Bob’s very first workout. Both Chris and Bob hear a loud “pop!” Unfortunately, the sound is Bob’s knee getting re-injured.

The police detective now has a decision to make. Should he continue with the program and risk permanently injuring his knees, or should he rest and try to heal up, for consideration next year?

Bob decides that he is tired of carrying around his excess weight, and he want to change himself, and also get fit enough to pass the “Fit for Duty” test, instead of waiting another year.

Using as his main fitness regimen swimming and boxing, Bob renews his dedication and commitment to lose weight.

As with the other participants of the Extreme Weight Loss series, Chris tells Bob as an extra added incentive, he will reward him if he meets his weight loss goals and milestone challenges during the year.

For example, if Bob meets his six-month goal, Chris will send him and his wife, Kelly, to Paris to renew their vows.  Also, while in France, Bob and Chris travel the final leg of the Tour de France together.

Another major obstacle arises when Bob’s other knee gets injured, and he’s taken away from his exercise regimen for an entire month. Will Bob’s injury prevent him from losing enough weight to qualify for the skin removal surgery, and pass the test so he can keep his job?

This will be the final episode of Extreme Weight Loss (ABC) season three, but, have no fear, fans of the show — it’s been renewed for another season! Until then, tune in on Tuesday, September 3, to see if Bob is able to meet his weight loss final goal, get his surgery, and pass the “Fit for Duty” test!

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“Bob” – At nearly 450 pounds, Bob is a Wisconsin police officer in danger of losing his job. He is now required by the state to pass a “Fit for Duty” test, and in desperation he reaches out to Chris Powell for help. Though Chris takes him on, they hit a roadblock during the first workout when Bob re-injures his knee with a loud “pop!” and must decide whether to continue with the program or delay til next year. He commits to work on his weight loss and uses boxing and swimming as his main fitness regimens. At the 6-month mark, Bob and his wife, Kelly, travel to Paris to renew their vows, and Bob rides the last leg of the Tour de France with Chris. However, he injures his other knee before the year is out and must undergo surgery, which takes him away from the program for a full month. Can he lose the weight and save his job? Find out on on the Season Finale of “Extreme Weight Loss,” TONIGHT, SEPTEMBER 3 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

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Chris Powell of ABC’s ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ shares his tips for living a healthy life.

Image credit: Barry Gossage Photography

Image credit: Barry Gossage Photography

Fitness expert Chris Powell, the transformation specialist on ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss,” says that when he’s stressed out, he trains. “Exercise is one of the most powerful anti-stress and antidepressant medications.

“Physically, we get an incredible endorphin release to make us feel better, and mentally, we earn an amazing sense of accomplishment for the rest of the day,” said Powell, who has a degree in exercise science and is the author “Choose More, Lose More for Life.”

Powell and other health-savvy celebrities share their ideas for exercising and living a healthy life in the USA Today magazine The Best Ways to Stress Less, Sleep Better, available at

Here are Powell’s insights on:

  • Living a healthy life: “The best way to live an overall healthy life is to exercise regularly and eat in moderation. Moderation is key: Don’t let yourself go hungry, or you will likely overeat later. One of my favorite tricks to keep my appetite at bay is to eat one tablespoon of almond butter with a glass of warm water 30 minutes before a meal; you’ll feel stuffed before you eat and most likely consume a fraction of the calories you would normally devour.”
  • Weaving exercise into his life: “On the road, it’s actually pretty easy. I do a lot of body-weight training: pushups, pullups, situps, squats, etc. In most hotel gyms, I have access to dumbbells … and I’ll try to map out a local gym wherever I’m staying so I can throw some barbells around.”
  • Sleeping well: “When I sleep, I sleep well. I’m often in a new city every couple of days, and the time zones can throw me off a bit. Whenever I don’t get as much sleep as necessary, I do my best to carve out time for a nap. I average between eight and nine hours every night. I train hard, so I need quite a bit of sleep. It is sometimes easier to sleep on the road, but when I’m home with the family, we have a strict early bedtime so I can be up for my 5 a.m. workouts.”
  • Dealing with sleepless nights: “I go through breathing techniques. I often find myself worrying about events in the future, which causes my body to stress about them as if they are actually happening. I focus on my breathing and appreciate the quiet and calm I am experiencing now.”
  • Enjoying food while managing weight: “It’s important to remember that food that can help you maintain your weight can taste amazing, too. Choose whole, unprocessed foods that you love to eat — everything from fresh fruits to sweet potatoes, quinoa, and foods with healthy fats, like avocados and almonds. You read that right — you can eat healthy fats and manage your weight. It is also important not to deprive yourself. Choose a day every week to reward yourself with whatever foods you may be craving — in moderation, of course.”
  • Losing weight: “Make small, attainable promises that you can keep every day. Unite with other people with similar goals and aspirations. They will be there for accountability and emotional support. Create an environment for success: Clean out your house, car and workplace. Stock up with healthy, tasty foods like lean meats, protein shakes, almonds, fruits, vegetables and whole grains.”
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Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Weight loss is all the rage January 1. Everyone decides to get healthy, change their lifestyle, make this the year they take care of their health. We all know how that goes — gyms are packed for three weeks. Grocery stores are sold out of “healthy options” and the world is doing the best they can, until February. Then everyone goes back to routine, and forgets why they said anything January 1.

Then the beach season shows up. May is full of routines designed to get you “beach ready in six weeks.” Starvation diets, fast acting fads and cardio…lots and lots of cardio. Things that after six weeks everyone hates and gives up on, they are in the best shape they can be given that they did nothing since January.

I was watching Chris Powell getting some fantastic results on Extreme Weight Loss. It’s one of the few TV shows about weight loss I watch because it takes the full year and it educates those who they document. I came to this conclusion.

You need to stop every fad you are doing, every broken promise, and start getting educated. The top trainers, and fitness products out their look at things in easy to digest 90 day cycles. It’s the same as any top performing corporation. Microsoft doesn’t resolve January 1 to make more profits then forget it by February. Your health is a full lifetime commitment.

September is the next biggest commitment time for people. I hear it all the time “I’m back to my routine, kids are in school, work is normal, I’m getting back to fitness.”

If you struggle with weight, health issues due to inactive lifestyle or just want to become the healthiest version of you, use September as a catalyst. Find a trainer and support system and instead of promising yourself this time it’s different, make it different.

I’m on a mission to make the Nation healthy, One Fit City at a time. Here is how I kick things off.

Set a year long goal, and break it up into 90 day manageable phases

Sit down with a trainer and turn those 90 days into daily and weekly “must do” activities

Clean out your cupboards at home, talk with a nutritionist and restock wisely

Tell your friends, and family about your goals. Enlist some help from them and make your mission public. It will keep you on track. Use social media, and a blog to stay on track.

Work hard, sweat, and enjoy the journey for you. This is about your health, not anything else for anyone.

There is no reason to go another year unhealthy. The joy of your body is you can get your health back with focus and education. Plug in to the right training facilities and programs. Live your life and be healthy to make memories. Be fit enough to go out and travel, see the world, and climb to the top of any mountain you want. Your workout doesn’t have to be in a gym, but you do have to love it and have fun!


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extreme weight loss former national shot-put champion

A former champion athlete faced the hardest challenge of her life on the latest episode of “Extreme Weight Loss.” Cassandra was, at one time, the national champion in shot-put. After college, though, she admitted that she turned to food as an emotional release.

Since then — and Cassandra was now 45 years old — she’d gained almost 200 pounds, weighing in at 364 pounds. The weight gain really got out of control after the failure of her marriage. Cassandra said she became a hermit. But it was time, and she was ready to change all of that.

Chris Powell had another challenge for her beyond her body transformation. Halfway through their year together, he challenged her to go to a speed dating event. This was her first big dating event since her divorce.

“It’s a big step because I have the rest of my life to live, and I just want to have fun, and I want to meet that special someone,” Cassandra told one of the men on the date. He then surprised her by asking her out to dinner.

Her self-confidence only skyrocketed after that as she continued her weight loss journey. In the end, she dropped 175 pounds to weigh in at 189 pounds — she said this put her back at her “national shot-put champion” weight.

More lives are changed every week on “Extreme Weight Loss,” Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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On last night’s edition of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, former athlete Cassandra Dumas documented a one-year journey on the show that led her to lose an incredible 175 pounds! Cassandra spoke to ET today about what she learned together with trainer Chris Powell and how the experience is still keeping her motivated to keep the weight off.

“Going through this year made me really take a look at why I was eating, and why I gained pounds over the years,” said Cassandra, who admitted that she turned to food for comfort after a painful divorce.

Cassandra said that gaining the weight after being an all-American athlete in high school made it difficult to look into the mirror. “One of the things I learned about myself going through this process is that I’m much stronger than what I thought I was. I’m now doing 5ks right now and I set a goal to do a 10k,” she said, adding that she also has a dream to conquer kayaking.

During the show, well-known chef Rocco DiSpirito is brought in to demonstrate how to make quick and healthy meals to inspire Cassandra, who began the show at 364 lbs and ended up at 189 lbs.

Watch the video for more, including Cassandra’s dating plans and to find out her precious gift from Powell. You can catch the next episode of Extreme Weight Loss next Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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  • Cassandra Dumas, 45, was at the height of fitness as a teenager and won dozens of awards for shot putdiscus, and other sports
  • The former athlete appeared on last night’s edition of Extreme Weight Loss

A national champion athlete, who became obese after a knee injury ended her career, has managed to lose almost half her body weight with the help of the TV series Extreme Weight Loss.

Cassandra Dumas, 45, from California, explained during last night’s episode that a divorce also added to her problems and decades of comfort eating saw her tip the scales at 364pounds.

‘No one would ever guess that this body is a national champion. I let my body get this way, I got out of control,’ the former discus and shot put star said, adding that she’d also turned into a recluse.



Getting in shape: Former champion athlete, Cassandra Dumas, who became obese after a knee injury ended her career, has managed to shed almost half her body weight with the help of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss

Video source ABC

‘I don’t venture out like I used to. I come home and I cook dinner. Generally I don’t eat at the dining room table, I usually fix my plate and I come to my bedroom. I didn’t think I’d be in this situation.’

In a bid to get into shape she sent a letter to Chris Powell, Extreme Weight Loss’ fitness trainer, asking for his help.

After being accepted on to the show, she was given one year to turn her life around and ditch her unhealthy habits.


Flashback: Ms Dumas demonstrates her shot put skills in a magazine – she was forced to give up her sporting career after a knee injury


From sports star to stationary: When Ms Dumas went off to college she stopped sports all together and the weight gradually piled on

Mr Powell encouraged her to take up exercise again, instead of sitting fixed to the TV and computer screen.

‘I’ve always felt I could do anything I put my mind to, but I’ve always put others first. This year, I’m putting myself first’

He also sent her to a nutritionist to get advice on meal plans.

Apparently condiments were one of her guilty pleasures, and she would put spoonfuls of mayonnaise or ketchup on her dinners adding up to 400 calories each time.

Giving her greater impetus to slim down a full medical examination revealed that she suffered from  sleep apnea.



Unhealthy habits: Old pictures show how the former athlete’s body ballooned during her twenties

The disorder, characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep, can cause fatigue and increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, obesity, and diabetes.

‘I don’t venture out like I used to. I come home and I cook dinner. I didn’t think I’d be in this situation’

‘I let my body get this way . . .  and I’m going to fix this,’ Ms Dumas said determinedly.

Asked where she would like to be in one year, she told Mr Powell: ‘I want to lose weight and I want to eventually meet the person I’ll spend a lifetime with.’

She said that she never wanted to be a divorcee and looked to her parents’ 50-year-marriage as inspiration. However, her past relationship was plagued by trust issues.

Breaking a sweat: For the first time in years Ms Dumas started working out


Learning the ropes: Extreme Weight Loss fitness trainer Chris Powell showed her simple exercises she could do to get her fitness back on track

As the year went on the former athlete, who now works as a high school guidance counselor, found that her confidence started to return.

Instead of hiding away she tried speed dating and even went on a singles adventure trip.

‘I’ve always felt I could do anything I put my mind to, but I’ve always put others first. This year, I’m putting myself first,’ she said.

While she experienced a few setbacks along the way, forcing Mr Powell to give her smaller weekly weight loss goals, Ms Dumas continued to push through.

Helping hand: Mr Powell supported Ms Dumas throughout her journey and helped her keep on target


A new woman: Ms Dumas’ weight came in at 189 pounds – she is now set for skin removal surgery

At her final weigh-in she stepped on to the scales in front of friends, family and her high school students. All sounded their amazement at her transformation.

Ms Dumas’ weight came in at 189 pounds. She is now set for surgery to take away five square feet of excess skin and 15 extra pounds of tissue from her body.

She concluded: ‘It was a year that made me refocus myself, to make my dreams come true, to realize that I’m unstoppable . . . I know I’ll never go back.’

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Wednesday, August 28: Entertainment Tonight

Wednesday, August 28
Entertainment Tonight – airing interview with participant, Cassandra, from “Extreme Weight Loss, 7:00pm PT, CBS, Channel 2.

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