Chris Powell Transformation Specialist Trainer Tells: Are There Exercises I Should Avoid While Pregnant?

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While you should always consult your physician before planning a workout routine, Extreme Weight Loss trainer Chris Powell explains which exercises you should avoid while pregnant, and how you can maintain your level of fitness for the next nine months.

Hey, guys. It’s Jenna, the fitness editor of Fitness Magazine. And we’re here with another Trainer Tells. This time, Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. Chris, take it away.

-Hey, what’s up? It’s me, Chris Powell, and I’m here to answer your Trainer Tells question. So, the question is, “Are there any exercises that you should avoid during pregnancy?” And you probably saw my wife. She just recently went through her pregnancy, and she’s a pro. This is number four for her. So, she’s done this a few times.
Now, of course, I didn’t actually get to experience the pregnancy myself, but I did vicariously trough her. So, I will pass the information on to you.

First and foremost, always consult your physician before embarking upon any kind of exercise or training regimen when you are pregnant because your physician knows you best if you have any kind of special circumstances surrounding your pregnancy. So, pay very, very close attention there.

Another thing when it comes to pregnancy, be careful of any supine exercise. Those are the exercises where you’re lying on your back facing up. Your physician can answer a lot of questions about that. But really important to avoid a lot of those movements, especially later on in the pregnancy.

But one of the biggest things when it comes to exercising and training during the pregnancy is not so much specific exercises, but exercise intensity. It’s really important that you don’t bump it up a notch. You’re not going through what we call a “progressive overload” where you’re increasing your intensity and the overload on your body. You don’t wanna stress it too much.

Pregnancy is also a little– pregnancy is already a slightly stressful experience on your body. But we can still enjoy the exercise. So, whatever your level– whatever level of fitness that you’re at right now, it’s important that you can maintain that– unless your doctor says otherwise.

So, if– whatever your exercise regimen is right now, have fun with that. Maintain that, as long as you possibly can, until you’re ready to taper up or unless your physician says so.

-Now, if you have a question for one of our celebrity trainers, send it to us on Facebook or Twitter using the #trainertells.

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TheListShow.TV: Chris Powell makes Brien work

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(Chris is at 1:17 in the video)

CHRIS POWELL’S HARD QUESTIONS: You’ve seen trainer Christ Powell on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss. We met up with him to talk about the show’s casting call this Saturday at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill in Peoria. There was however, a catch. Chris made us do sit-ups in exchange for answers.

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-Hey guys, this is Jenna. I’m the fitness editor of Fitness Magazine. I’m here with another Trainer Tells, this time with Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. Chris, take it away.

-Hey Nina, what’s up? It’s me Chris Powell and I’m here to answer your Trainer Tells question. So, your question is you wanna do different kinds of workouts with your guy, but I guess you’re a yogi and he’s a muscle head, so you’re looking for something new, something fresh. This is kind of the feel that I’m getting from you.

-Now, here’s the deal. It’s really important that you’re both gonna be open-minded in this process because, I mean, as a yogi, you’re always gonna wanna do what you do best, which is yoga. Of course, as a muscle– or as a muscle head– I almost called him a meat head– he’s gonna want to lift a lot of weights and that might not be something that you’re spectacular at. It’s just like he’s not spectacular at yoga, but keep in mind when it comes to fitness, we need to focus on the areas of our life where we need to improve.

Me, for example, I hate running. So, that’s what’s I need to do. I need to run more. Also, as a bit of a meat head myself, I’m not very flexible. Therefore, I didn’t like yoga a lot when I did it, but that means that I need to do more yoga because I need to increase my flexibility.

And guess what you need to do? You probably need to lift more weights because you’ve got the whole flexibility thing down pack I’m sure, but it’d be great to incorporate some more weightlifting into your lifestyle, so you guys need to get creative. Start exploring your all modalities. You know, let him take you through the stuff that he loves to do and then he can let you take you– take him through the stuff and we’ve actually found in this whole process since my wife and I– we love training together– the more open we are to each other’s favorite modalities of exercise, it brings us closer together and it actually helps strengthen our relationship.

So, explore each other’s worlds, but then above and beyond that, try something new. Why don’t the two of you go out and do a sprint triathlon together or go to a Zumba class or just do something and have fun because it’s really what fitness is all about? It’s about having fun.

It’s about building relationships and really increasing the overall quality of your life. So, get creative. Be open minded and explore.

-Now, if you have a question for one of our celebrity trainers, send it to us on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag, Trainer Tells.

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-Hey guys, this is Jenna. I’m the fitness editor at Fitness Magazine. We’re here with another Trainer Tells. Thistime, Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. Chris, take it away.

-Hey Carrie, what’s up? It’s me, Chris Powell, and I’m here to answer your Trainer Tells question. So, the question is, why are the last 10 pounds so hard to lose and how do you push through that wall?

Great question. First and foremost, now keep inmind, as your body is losing weight , whatever it is that we’re doing, whatever we’re imposing into our body, ourbody is actually built to adapt to that. So, as we run, you know, think about the first time that you actually went outto do exercises. Probably exhausting. When you did it, it got easier and easier. And why? Because our body isactually building those mechanisms to become more efficient to that. Now efficiency, it’s a great thing, but also when it comes to weight loss , it slows us down because our body is constantly trying to fight it.

So now, we comedown to those proverbial, the final 10 or 15 pounds, and our bodies become this incredibly efficient machine that’s trying not to lose weight anymore. And we’re trying to keep it to keep losing weight .

So, the key to breakingthrough that wall is to keep throwing what we call little curve balls into your body, to trick it if you will. Now, the firstthing that we’ll do is we will employ what we call the FITT principle. It’s an acronym.

F stands for frequency.
I stands for intensity.
T stands for time.
And the last T stands for type.

So frequency, what we wanna do is we need to shock your body a little bit. We need to give it something that it hasn’t done because your body’s efficient.

So,we increase your frequency, which might be saying instead of working out 4 days a week, you bump it up to 5 days a week. Instead of– And then let’s talk about intensity, so say instead of running a, you know, 10-minutemile, aim for a 9-1/2-minute mile. Or instead of lifting 20-pound dumbbells, grab 25-pound dumbbells. Or maybe instead of 10s, it’s 12s.

Whatever that increased intensity is to you, that’s where you’re gonna get the reaction that you want out of your body.

Time, instead of running, or walking, or jogging, or rowing, whatever it is that you do for say 30 minutes a day, bump it up, but not too much, but just try to bump it up, instead of 30 minutes, maybe 35 minutes. Maybe instead of 35 minutes, it’s 40 minutes.

Bump it up in tiny little time increments to get the results that you want.

And the last T stands for Type. Once again, your body gets used to everything that you do, soinstead of cycling, try jogging. Instead of jogging, try running. Instead of running, try boxing. Keep switching things up and you’ll keep throwing that curve ball at your body and ultimately you will get where you wanna ago.

-Now, if you have a question for one of our celebrity trainers, send it to us on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag,Trainer Tells.

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ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss” is having an open call casting in Peoria on Feb. 22, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill located at 9824 W. Northern Avenue.

Contestants will meet with the casting directors in small groups (5 to 10 people), and have an open table discussion. You should bring a non-returnable photo and your personality!

“There is not one specific thing we look for,” said casting director Vanessa Bond. “But in general we are looking for people who have a burning desire to CHANGE. Losing weight is hard, and we want people who are committed to changing their lives.”

Trainers and transformation specialists, Chris and Heidi Powell, explained what makes “Extreme Weight Loss” different from other shows is that you are losing weight over the course of an entire year.

“We set you up for success by transforming your body physically, changing your eating habits, and most importantly preparing you to lose the weight and keep it off!” Chris explained.

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Fitness Magazine Instagram

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Chris Powell with wife, Heidi, and their family

Chris Powell with wife, Heidi, and their family

Known as the celebrity trainer of “Extreme Weight Loss,” Chris Powell has become famed for transforming lives. In an exclusive interview, Chris told us about his views on dieting, weight and family fitness. Plus: Get a sneak peek of the upcoming season.

In addition to his starring role on “Extreme Weight Loss,” Chris has authored several best sellers, including “Chris Powell’s Choose More, Lose More for Life” and “Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution.”

But of all his roles, it’s his personal responsibility as proud father that he finds most challenging – and most rewarding.

“As a father, I’ve been on the biggest learning curve of my life…and it’s still going! The most important lesson I’ve learned is that first and foremost your children will want to mimic what you do,” Chris told us.

“If you drink protein shakes, they want to drink protein shakes (or at least a hybrid version of them for their nutritional needs.) If you kick a soccer ball around in the backyard, they want to kick a soccer ball around in the back yard,” he added.

Bottom line: It’s up to parents to model healthy behavior, says Chris:

If you do push-ups during commercial breaks, they do push-ups during commercial breaks. Basically, it all boils down to what WE do as parents that creates the culture of the family. If you spend most of the weekend lying on the couch watching TV, that’s what they will want to do!
For parents trying to shed pounds, Chris advises a slow, steady approach, using these steps:

Make a plan to implement “small and gradual changes in your lifestyle.”
Celebrate successes as a family.
Start with one step that can benefit the entire family, such as switching soda with naturally flavored water.
Educate your children on the benefits.
And exercise progress can follow the same model, says Chris. Try doing push-ups during commercials, or walking in place.

Watching a family-friendly movie such as the charming “Free Birds” can be a joyful bonding experience. Just make sure to have smart snacks available, cautions Chris. He and his wife Heidi have developed the following tactics:

View fruit as nature’s dessert. “It comes in hundreds of flavors and colors, and can be made into some AWESOME shapes.”
Get an assortment of delicious fresh fruit in the house for family movie nights.
“Have the kids participate in making fruit or veggie trays and creating their own designs. When they take ownership in the creation, it makes eating it that much more fun.”
If your children are accustomed to snacking on candy, cookies and ice cream, don’t try to make the change instantly, says Chris.

“If they have difficulty with fruit alone, a little whipped cream sweetened with monk fruit makes for a perfect compliment to the fruit starting out and makes it feel like a real dessert,” he suggests. Then gradually reduce the whipped cream.

And a clever trick that can please adults as well as kids: “For strawberries, try cutting them up and pouring balsamic vinegar over them. It brings out the natural sugars and makes them extra sweet.”

Chris’ popular show “Extreme Weight Loss” has always featured adults. We asked if he had any plans to include a child or young teen in the future, and if so, how the focus would change.

“We are working with a teenage girl this year!” revealed Chris. “She is 16 years old and doing AMAZING. Be sure to check out season 4 this summer.”

However, he noted that when he’s working with young people, he keeps the focus on “being healthy and fit – not on weight loss. Health, fitness, and a better quality of life are what we are ultimately striving to achieve.”

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All day on Instagram, we’ve been sharing partner exercises you and your loved one – whether that’s romantic or bestie status – can do together to break a sweat. After all, those who sweat together stay together, and saying, “See ya, I’m off to the gym” is no way to spend your Valentine’s Day. Head there together (the obvious solution) and bust out these exercises from some of our favorite trainers. Then be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fun, fit updates your heart could ever desire!

Lovers Lunges and Passion Push-Ups: Extreme Weight Loss’ Chris and Heidi Powell

Follow them on Instagram: @realchrispowell, @realheidipowell

The married trainers challenge you to get physical with your partner. With a running clock, do as many rounds of 14 lunges, followed by 14 push-ups, as you can in 9 minutes. A kiss at the bottom of those push-ups is optional, but totally recommended.

Chris and Heidi Powell share couple workout tips.

Lovers Lunges: Stand facing each other with right hands clasped together. Step back with left leg into a lunge, keeping hands clasped. Drive through your front leg to return to starting position, then switch to clasp left hands and lunge back with right leg.

Passion Push-Ups: The stronger partner (1) should lay on the ground facing up with feet together. The other partner (2) will straddle partner 1′s legs and clasp hands. Partner 2 performs a push-up as partner 1 lowers and presses partner 2 back to starting position.

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April 16: Extreme Weight Loss Season 5 – Couples Casting Due

We’re getting ready for Season 5 of Extreme Weight Loss. Open Casting Calls for couples is happening now and applications due on April 16th.  Note: If you were married but only went before a judge without a formal wedding, due to your weight, you can apply too!


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Mar 1: Extreme Weight Loss Season 5 – Open Casting Calls

We’re getting ready for Season 5 of Extreme Weight Loss. Open Casting Calls are happening March 1, 2014 in the following cities:

Little Rock, Arkansas – Argenta Community Theatre

Louisville, Kentucky – Norton Health & Wellness Center

Omaha, Nebraska – Nebraska Furniture Mart

Kansas City, Missouri – Brush Creek Community Center

For complete details, latest updates and requirements to attend an open casting call or submit an online application, please visit:

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