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Join Chris Powell and I at the the BEST kickoff class where we’ll be talking about food, fitness and more.  It will be a true night of transformation.

WHEN: April 8, 2014 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

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Extreme Weight Loss Casting Call in Omaha 2014


More than 150 people attended the casting call Saturday at Mrs. B’s Clearance Center in Omaha. Each hoped to be one of 13 contestants on the fifth season of “Extreme Weight Loss.”

Tiffany Reikofski pulled into a parking lot near 72nd and Dodge Streets at 3:30 a.m. Saturday and grabbed a blanket.

Auditions for ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss” started at 10 a.m., and the 40-year-old from Arlington, Neb., expected a line.

It formed behind her.

More than 150 people attended the casting call at Mrs. B’s Clearance Center in Omaha. Each hoped to be one of 13 contestants on the fifth season of “Extreme Weight Loss.”

The show, starring trainer Chris Powell, documents the yearlong transformation of its contestants. Most need to lose at least 50 percent of their body weight.

Reikofski’s three children motivated her to audition.

“It’s about time to make a change. … I need to teach my kids that exercising and eating healthy is important,” she said.

She met the casting directors with seven others who want to be on the show, including Thom Sisson of Omaha. He was second in line.

They turned in their applications and answered a handful of questions individually.

Sisson, 35, told the group about his 4-month-old son, Eddie.

“I want to play ball with him,” he said. “I don’t want to die of a heart attack at 45.”

During the interview, which Sisson said lasted about 10 minutes, more people trickled in to the furniture store, scribbled onto clipboards and waited for their turn.

This weekend marked the first time “Extreme Weight Loss” held a casting call in Omaha, though the city hosted auditions for NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” in 2010. The ABC show is also holding casting calls in a dozen other cities.

Casting director Vanessa Bond said most cities draw 50 to 200 applicants. The show accepts individuals and pairs.

“We’re looking for people who are passionate, who are ready to lose this weight,” Bond said, calling the show “365 days of hard work.”

Nikkie Trahan, a special education resource teacher at Benson West Elementary, attended the casting call. She recently shed 84 pounds but hopes to lose 150 more pounds with the show’s help.

Trahan said one of her students with autism told her, “You’ve lost weight, but you still have a long way to go.”

“He has no filter. If he said that, what are other people thinking?” she said. Her wife also auditioned.

The couple want to have a child, but both need to lose weight to do so safely.

The participants will be cast in the next eight weeks. The show starts shooting in May.

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ABC’s ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ takes someone who needs to lose 50 percent of their body weight and helps them get in shape. This is an experience someone from Nebraska could have.

“We’re looking for people who have the burning desire to change, losing weight is hard and we want people who are committed, who are ready to work out 365 days with Chris and Heidi Powell,” casting director Vanessa Bond said.

They’re also looking for someone with a story to tell.

“Why they’re ready to lose the weight, how they gained the weight, whether they’ve always been heavy or if something impacted their weight–gain, we want to hear their story,” Bond said.

Hundreds of people will be lining up at the Mrs. B’s Clearance Center in Omaha, Saturday, for their chance to be on the show. It all starts at 10 a.m.

This weight loss show isn’t like some of the others. Participants aren’t competing with one another and the casting call is more like a group discussion rather than an audition.

“We want them to have a positive experience, there’s no mean judges saying anything, it’s a very fun and exciting time for everyone,” Bond said.

Casting directors said they plan to see everyone by 4 p.m.

You must be 18 or older to be on the show, but you can bring any loved ones or friends who are younger.

You must bring:
Photo I.D.
Non-returnable photo

For information about the show, go to

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For four seasons now, the hit ABC show Extreme Weight Loss has helped people get healthier. Host Chris Powell supports participants for 365 days on their journey to lose weight.

On Saturday, February 22, 2014, the show is holding a casting call for Season 5 in Chicago. Kerry Shanahan, Casting Director, joined us live from the site of the casting call at Dave and Buster’s during our ABC 7 Eyewitness News Saturday Morning to tell us how you can try out for the show.

ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss Season 5 Open Casting Call

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Dave and Busters
1030 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60610

Admission: Free


Have 50 percent of your body weight to lose
Be legal U.S. resident
Must be 18 years of age or older as of March 1, 2014
Bring a non-returnable photo
Open calls will also be held in the following cities:

February 22, 2014: Austin, Phoenix and Pittsburgh
March 1, 2014: Little Rock, Omaha and Kansas City
March 8, 2014: Los Angeles

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Testing out the Reebok All-Terrain Shoes

Reebok All Terrain Series-33-opt

Why aren’t there any shoes for mud runs and obstacle races??? Over the last couple years I’ve participated in a handful of courses, and found myself asking that question over and over in my head as I sloshed along in saturated old sneakers. For anyone who has done a mud run obstacle race, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. All too often we find ourselves gritting through the pain of blistered and sore feet from rocks and water, and not spending time actually having fun and enjoying the course and camaraderie. Not to mention for the avid competitor, running in this unnecessary pain slows us down significantly, affecting our times.

The wait is over. A couple of weeks ago I competed in a Reebok Spartan Race and got to try out the new Reebok All-Terrain Shoes. I was really curious as to how they would perform, because in past mud runs and obstacle races my shoes were my #1 complaint. These types of races are definitely a battlefield for your feet, and you need an obstacle-minded shoe in your arsenal!

Reebok All Terrain Series-80-opt

Conclusion: The Reebok All-Terrain shoe is the ultimate shoe for mud, obstacles, rocky terrain, and anything else the Reebok Spartan Race may throw at you. It has some amazing features that allowed me to focus on the course and not on my feet. Here are a few of my favorites:

• 360 Degree Traction: To me, this is the most valuable aspect of this shoe. Because of the knobby cleat-like construction, my footing was true, and I was able to power up, over, and through any obstacle—walls, ropes, mud, hills, and others—because this shoe sticks to anything! There was no slipping whatsoever, and I was able to focus on having fun instead of on my footing. I felt like a freaking mountain goat out there!

Reebok All Terrain Series-92-opt
• H2O Drains: In previous obstacle races, I ran for miles with what felt like heavy, muddy bricks on my feet, because my shoes were like sponges for all the dirt and water along the course. Not good. The H2O Drains allowed any and all water to drain out within seconds, and the thin, light fabric dries almost immediately. No more heavy, water-logged shoes!

Reebok All Terrain Series-45-opt
• Rock Guard: Obstacle-type racecourses are covered with rocks, and after past competitions I’d end up walking on my tippy toes for a few days because my feet were so bruised and painful. But not after wearing these shoes! The underfoot is hard enough to protect your feet against rocks and sharp edges, but not too hard that you can’t maneuver quickly around obstacles.

Reebok All Terrain Series-62-opt
• Overall Weight: The Reebok All-Terrain shoe feels virtually weightless and fits like a glove. Perfect for conquering all those obstacles!

So would I recommend the new Reebok All-Terrain shoe? Absolutely!!! No matter what obstacles I faced, these shoes performed and allowed me to have a phenomenal—and fun—Spartan experience. And to top it off, I simply hosed them off post-race, and put them back in the closet (no tossing them in the garbage!) Good thing, since I won’t do another mud run or obstacle race without them. AROO!!!!!


To learn more about Spartan Races and the new Reebok All Terrain shoe, check out these links:

Heidi’s Review of the Reebok All-Terrain Shoes
Spartan Race
More info on Reebok All-Terrain Shoes


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PHOENIX — An ABC reality show that centers on weight loss will be hosting a casting call in the Valley on Saturday.

The casting team of “Extreme Weight Loss” will hold an open call on Saturday, Feb. 22, at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill in Peoria, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The ABC show features Chris Powell, a trainer/transformation specialist, helping each participant safely drop half their body weight over the course of one year using exercise regimens and healthy eating.

For more information, including an application, go to Extreme Weight Loss Casting.

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Chris Powell

If you’ve ever seen the show, then you know how impressive the transformations are in ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss. Each two-hour episode tells the story on one person’s journey, with the help of trainer Chris Powell, to lose half his or her body weight in a year.

And though the show’s fourth season hasn’t even aired yet, casting already has begun for season five. The show’s 13-city casting tour arrives in the Valley this weekend in search for candidates to undergo a full physical — and often mental — makeover. Here are the details.

The open casting call will be held at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill in Peoria this Saturday, February 22 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. In order to participate in the show you must be 18 years or older as of March 1, 2014, and you must be a legal U.S. resident.

You can pre-register for the open casting call online, though it’s not required. It’s recommend that those interested in being on the show also submit a video application in addition to going to the casting call.

You’ll need to bring a non-returnable recent photo of yourself and a pen, and you’re encouraged to bring family and friends along, too. It’s also suggested to bring water and snacks as you’ll be waiting in line for a while.

For more information about the casting process, visit the Extreme Weight Loss Makeover casting website.

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While you should always consult your physician before planning a workout routine, Extreme Weight Loss trainer Chris Powell explains which exercises you should avoid while pregnant, and how you can maintain your level of fitness for the next nine months.

Hey, guys. It’s Jenna, the fitness editor of Fitness Magazine. And we’re here with another Trainer Tells. This time, Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. Chris, take it away.

-Hey, what’s up? It’s me, Chris Powell, and I’m here to answer your Trainer Tells question. So, the question is, “Are there any exercises that you should avoid during pregnancy?” And you probably saw my wife. She just recently went through her pregnancy, and she’s a pro. This is number four for her. So, she’s done this a few times.
Now, of course, I didn’t actually get to experience the pregnancy myself, but I did vicariously trough her. So, I will pass the information on to you.

First and foremost, always consult your physician before embarking upon any kind of exercise or training regimen when you are pregnant because your physician knows you best if you have any kind of special circumstances surrounding your pregnancy. So, pay very, very close attention there.

Another thing when it comes to pregnancy, be careful of any supine exercise. Those are the exercises where you’re lying on your back facing up. Your physician can answer a lot of questions about that. But really important to avoid a lot of those movements, especially later on in the pregnancy.

But one of the biggest things when it comes to exercising and training during the pregnancy is not so much specific exercises, but exercise intensity. It’s really important that you don’t bump it up a notch. You’re not going through what we call a “progressive overload” where you’re increasing your intensity and the overload on your body. You don’t wanna stress it too much.

Pregnancy is also a little– pregnancy is already a slightly stressful experience on your body. But we can still enjoy the exercise. So, whatever your level– whatever level of fitness that you’re at right now, it’s important that you can maintain that– unless your doctor says otherwise.

So, if– whatever your exercise regimen is right now, have fun with that. Maintain that, as long as you possibly can, until you’re ready to taper up or unless your physician says so.

-Now, if you have a question for one of our celebrity trainers, send it to us on Facebook or Twitter using the #trainertells.

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TheListShow.TV: Chris Powell makes Brien work

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(Chris is at 1:17 in the video)

CHRIS POWELL’S HARD QUESTIONS: You’ve seen trainer Christ Powell on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss. We met up with him to talk about the show’s casting call this Saturday at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill in Peoria. There was however, a catch. Chris made us do sit-ups in exchange for answers.

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-Hey guys, this is Jenna. I’m the fitness editor of Fitness Magazine. I’m here with another Trainer Tells, this time with Chris Powell from Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. Chris, take it away.

-Hey Nina, what’s up? It’s me Chris Powell and I’m here to answer your Trainer Tells question. So, your question is you wanna do different kinds of workouts with your guy, but I guess you’re a yogi and he’s a muscle head, so you’re looking for something new, something fresh. This is kind of the feel that I’m getting from you.

-Now, here’s the deal. It’s really important that you’re both gonna be open-minded in this process because, I mean, as a yogi, you’re always gonna wanna do what you do best, which is yoga. Of course, as a muscle– or as a muscle head– I almost called him a meat head– he’s gonna want to lift a lot of weights and that might not be something that you’re spectacular at. It’s just like he’s not spectacular at yoga, but keep in mind when it comes to fitness, we need to focus on the areas of our life where we need to improve.

Me, for example, I hate running. So, that’s what’s I need to do. I need to run more. Also, as a bit of a meat head myself, I’m not very flexible. Therefore, I didn’t like yoga a lot when I did it, but that means that I need to do more yoga because I need to increase my flexibility.

And guess what you need to do? You probably need to lift more weights because you’ve got the whole flexibility thing down pack I’m sure, but it’d be great to incorporate some more weightlifting into your lifestyle, so you guys need to get creative. Start exploring your all modalities. You know, let him take you through the stuff that he loves to do and then he can let you take you– take him through the stuff and we’ve actually found in this whole process since my wife and I– we love training together– the more open we are to each other’s favorite modalities of exercise, it brings us closer together and it actually helps strengthen our relationship.

So, explore each other’s worlds, but then above and beyond that, try something new. Why don’t the two of you go out and do a sprint triathlon together or go to a Zumba class or just do something and have fun because it’s really what fitness is all about? It’s about having fun.

It’s about building relationships and really increasing the overall quality of your life. So, get creative. Be open minded and explore.

-Now, if you have a question for one of our celebrity trainers, send it to us on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag, Trainer Tells.

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